As a yoga teacher I would like to create a space for everyone to feel comfortable and allow them to be whoever they are that day.
I will let the student connect with the self, the body and the mind and invite him or her to accept whatever arises. I use verbal alignment cues with a calm tone to help students get the most out of their practice. My classes are for students of all levels and I guide mindful vinyasa, hatha and yin yoga for individuals and groups of 4-25 students.

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Hi, my name is Myrthe a.k.a Mimi. I’m a 28 year old yogi, world traveler, animal and nature lover. I was introduced to yoga by my mother who has been a yoga teacher for over 10 years. After finishing my studies in 2013 in Allround Styling at Artemis Academy I started my world travels and have not stopped since. My travels taught me many great lessons; some of them were learned the hard way. One of these lessons made me to take the yoga practice to the next level. I wanted to deepen my practice by joining a 200hr YTT. There I discovered that yoga brings you much more than just physical practice. After my second 200hr training in Nepal amongst the monks in the Himalaya in 2017, I felt ready to teach and share my experience with others. I have taught classes in Amsterdam, Nicaragua, California, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and Portugal.

I love to introduce new people from all over the world to yoga with my ‘Dutch down to earth’ approach. I will help guide you through a mindful flow by connecting to the breath. I will try to create a space where you will have time to just be; to completely surrender and challenge yourself but still find relaxation in the body. To detach from your emotions and to instead observe them. I will invite you to listen to whatever you need that day and teach you to leave the ego off your mat. (Which might be the hardest part of yoga!) Just simply be and breath, and everything will flow.

Check out the schedule to see my upcoming classes 🙂

Namasté and hope to see you soon!

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An overview of the workshops and training I have attended over the past few years.

November 2015 –  200hr Ashtanga Teacher Training, It’s Yoga Nicaragua by Catarina Lacayo

October 2016 –  20hr Foundation Workshop Trauma Sensitive Yoga by Alexandra Cat & Krystyna Kowalski, London

September 2016 – 14hr Prison Yoga Training (special training for adapting yoga and mindfulness practices for those impacted by trauma including prisoners and other disadvantaged populations) by James Fox, Amsterdam

November 2016 – Somatic Yoga Therapy workshop, Amsterdam

January 2017 – Ayurvedic Yoga workshop by Victoria Hyndman, Amsterdam

April 2017 – 200hr Hatha Teacher Training by Heather Elton, Nepal

October 2017 – 50hr Yin Yoga Immersion by Daphne Luttger, Amsterdam

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Places I have been teaching

I consider myself very lucky with all the amazing places I have been able to teach so far. Here you will find an overview of all the places.

Dfrost Surf & Yoga, Taghazout

Selina Secret Garden, Lisbon

Selina, Playa Venao
Selina Red Frog, Isla Bastimentos
Palmar Beach Lodge, Bocas del Toro

Selina, Medellin

Costa Rica
Heart & Flow, Potrero
Dreamsea Surfcamp, Tamarindo
Zeneidas Surfgarden, Santa Teresa
Revive Wellness Centre, Tamarindo

Casa Marimba, Laguna de Apoyo
Hola Ola Hostal, San Juan Del Sur

The Netherlands
UvA Talen, Amsterdam (Yoga classes in the office, mostly seated asanas in a chair)
Gustav Fitness, Amsterdam
Q80 de Pijp, Amsterdam

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You can join classes with me at Dfrost Almugar Surf and Yoga, Taghazout, Morocco

Classes every day*
at 7 AM – 8 AM &
5.30 PM – 6.30 PM
*No classes on Thursday.

More info about Dfrost click here

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Would you like to try one of my classes, need some more information or just want to have a little chat?

I would be happy to hear from you!