Myrthe (Mimi) is certified in teaching Vinyasa, Hatha, Ashtanga and Yin yoga. For the last few years, she has been teaching in various places around the world and this summer she will be based on the island Texel providing morning classes.

My name is Myrthe a.k.a Mimi. I’m a 28 year old yogi, world traveler, animal and nature lover. I was introduced to yoga by my mother who has been a yoga teacher for over 10 years. After finishing my studies in 2013 in Allround Styling at Artemis Academy I started my world travels and have not stopped since. My travels taught me many great lessons. After dealing with trauma and PTSD during my travels, I have decided to take my yoga practice to the next level. I wanted to deepen my practice by joining a 200hr YTT. There I discovered that yoga brings you much more than just physical practice. I finally accepted the situation that I was in and was ready to let go of un needed tension and stress. After my second 200hr training in Nepal amongst the monks in the Himalaya in 2017, I felt ready to teach and share my experience with others.

I love to introduce new people from all over the world to yoga with my ‘Dutch down to earth’ approach. I will help guide the student through a mindful flow by connecting to the breath. I will try to create a space where you will have time to just be; to completely surrender and challenge yourself but still find relaxation in the body. To detach from your emotions and to instead observe them. I will invite you to listen to whatever you need that day and invite you to leave the ego off your mat. (Which might be the hardest part of yoga!) Just simply be and breath, and everything will flow.