An overview of the workshops and training I have attended over the past few years.

November 2015 –  200hr Ashtanga Teacher Training, It’s Yoga Nicaragua by Catarina Lacayo

October 2016 –  20hr Foundation Workshop Trauma Sensitive Yoga by Alexandra Cat & Krystyna Kowalski, London

September 2016 – 14hr Prison Yoga Training (special training for adapting yoga and mindfulness practices for those impacted by trauma including prisoners and other disadvantaged populations) by James Fox, Amsterdam

November 2016 – Somatic Yoga Therapy workshop, Amsterdam

January 2017 – Ayurvedic Yoga workshop by Victoria Hyndman, Amsterdam

April 2017 – 200hr Hatha Teacher Training by Heather Elton, Nepal

October 2017 – 50hr Yin Yoga Immersion by Daphne Luttger, Amsterdam